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Mega Clic Grand Legend SPC Wood Grain Water Proof Flooring Warranty


Exclusive Limited Warranty


Grand Legend warrants that its products are free from any visual or manufacturing defects. If the Products are found to be defective, AJ Trading will supply new Product of the same or similar style, size, color, grade, and gauge to repair or replace the defective area and will pay reasonable labor costs provided the flooring is professionally installed and maintained according to the installation instructions provided. Products that are non-defective but are damaged during an improper installation would not constitute a valid claim as defined by this limited warranty. AJ Trading reserves the right to inspect any claim and/or request photographs and/or samples associated with the specific claim prior to approving any claim. All limited warranties are valid for the original purchaser of the flooring and are not transferrable.


Pre-Installation Visual Limited Warranty

Grand Legend warrants that this product is free from visual defects. All Products purchased for an installation should be inspected by the consumer and the installer. Pieces that appear to be visually defective should not be installed. Grand Legend will not be responsible for reimbursing labor charges on any claim for a visually defective product installed. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the suitability of the product for installation before it is installed.

If a problem occurs during the installation of the flooring, the job should be stopped immediately. The proper action is to immediately report the problem to your dealer and distributor who, in turn, will contact AJ Trading immediately. Any costs caused by continued installation after the problem is noticed will not be covered by AJ Trading.


Moisture testing is required for Grand Legend & Jasmine Collection.

Note: Grand Legend must be installed with a 0.6 Mil underlayment when floating.

The subfloor must be dry (max 2.5% moisture content -CME method)

Floor Score


SPC Wood Spec Sheet Entry

SPC Wood Spec Sheet Jasmine

SPC Wood 20Mil Spec Sheet

SPC Wood Spec Sheet EIR

SPC Wood Spec Sheet 12X24

Laminate Aqua Shield

Care & Maintenance for Aqua Shield laminate

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