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CLIC Grand Legend SPC Waterproof Flooring Return Policy


Upon Delivery:

Please inspect merchandise carefully as to contents and conditions upon receipt. In the event a package arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact us to inspect the package to assure full refund/replacement. All packaging retained until the problem has been resolved. All clams for damaged or missing items must be reported to AJ Trading immediately.

  • VERIFY COUNT. Make sure you are receiving as many cartons as are listed on the delivery. If any shortage is discovered, note exactly how many cartons are short on the invoice and have the driver note the shortage on your copy.

  • CAREFULLY EXAMINE EACH CARTON FOR DAMAGES. If damages are visible, note this fact on the delivery receipt and have the driver clearly note that fact on your copy. If the carton has the appearance that contents inside may possibly damaged, insist that it be opened right at that time, and both you and  the driver should make joint inspection of the contents. Any concealed damage discovered should likewise be noted on the delivery receipt and on your copy. Be sure to retain your copy.

  • DO NOT LET THE DRIVER LEAVE UNTIL YOU HAVE THOROUGHLY INSPECTED THE ORDER. If there is any damaged material, or missing material, it MUST be noted on the delivery receipt in order for us to issue replacement material to you. If damages and/or shortage are NOT noted on the delivery receipt,  AJ Trading can not be held responsible for any damages or shortages.

  • IF YOU REFUSE AN ORDER. You will be charged the actual original freight cost.


Restocking Fee:

  •   25% restocking fee will be applied for all returned items.

  •   The materials MUST be unopened and undamaged.

  •   Requests for returns MUST be submitted within 45 days of receipt.

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